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Hayley Barnes Client List
"...upholstery in the crew quarters looks absolutely fabulous. It was such a treat to come back to the boat to see them all ready! The Captain is very happy with them as too. Next time we have any upholstery work I definitely know where to go!"
M.Y. Sarafsa, Jessica Johansson
"Working with Hayley Barnes is always a pleasure.. Her professionalism and attention to detail are why I keep coming back. Many thanks Hayley and look forward to our next project!"
M.Y. Imagine, Rachel Ewing, ex chief stewardess
"Hayley and her team made some new laundry bags for the boat.  The workmanship was first class and the service was prompt - you get what you ask for and no messing!  I will definitely be using them again."
M.Y. Lady Christine, Hazel Anderson, chief stewardess
"Working with Hayley at Atelier Barnes has always been a pleasure; the service is great and the product even better."
M.Y. Anastasia, Kylie McCulloch, Purser
"I have had great pleasure working with Hayley over the years: her professionalism and dedication, ability to problem solve and quality of work,  is always outstanding."
M.Y. Ecstasea and M/Y Lady Nag Nag, Andjelka Pavlovic, Chief Stewardess ex cheif stewardesss

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the tray liners. They are by far the best quality I have seen made in my 11 years of yachting."

M.Y. Majestic, Kirstie Fedley, Chief Stewardess
"I cannot recommend Hayley high enough for all the hard work and skill she has put into Solemar and we are very grateful."

M.Y. Solemar, Captain Nicholas Doyle

"Hayley has provided a large amount of top quality table linens for the chalet. She is professional, efficient and always a pleasure to work with "
Les Chalets Genepi, Courcheval, Lee Ann

Katara (124m)
Dilbar (110m)
Palladium (96m)
Nirvana (88.5m)
Ecstasea (86m)
Sun Rays (85m)
Alfa Nero (82m)
Sarafsa (82m)
Eminence (78m)
Anastasia (75m)
Predator (73m)
Coral Island (72m)
Lady Christine (62m)
Kogo (72m)
Boadicea (70m)
Lady Christine (68m)
White Cloud (67m)
Imagine (65m)
Solemar (61m)
Majestic (61m)
GU (58m)
Fortunate Sun (54m)
Tucanuya (56m)
Rahil (54m)
Lady Nag Nag (52m)
Lady in Blue (52m)
Mystere Shadow (50m)
Rochade (47m)
Happy Days (47m)
Serafima (40m)  
Moliver (32m)
Perpetual (29m)
Regees Dream (26m) 
Lu Lu (24m)

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